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Imagen de Dirty Bertie  My Book of Stuff
Dirty Bertie My Book of Stuff
Autor: Roberts, David
Bertie has his own fun-packed book of activities, chock full of entertaining stuff to do. All created by the Master of Muck himself, from 'join-the-nit' puzzles to creepy crawly crosswords, this book is guaranteed to keep children quiet for hours...apart from all the giggling.Contents include (...)
Imagen de Elves and the Shoemaker, The
Elves and the Shoemaker, The
Once there was a shoemaker and his wife; they were so poor he wondered what would become of them. One night before he went to bed the shoemaker left out his last piece of leather and, the next morning, a beautiful pair of shoes were in its place. A rich lady passed by, saw the shoes and was so (...)
Imagen de Princess and the Goblin, The
Princess and the Goblin, The
When Princess Irene and her nursemaid stay out too late one night and are chased home by goblins, a young miner boy called Curdie comes to their rescue. So begins a fantastic adventure in which Irene and Curdie must try to stop a goblin invasion, helped by Irene's mysterious (...)
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