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Imagen de Christmas Carols Picture Book & Cd set
Christmas Carols Picture Book & Cd set
Autor: VVAA
This classic collection of well-loved Christmas carols is perfect for festive family fun. Children will enjoy listening to the CD and singing along, or following the words in the book. Contains favourites such as Away in a Manger, Once in Royal David's City and Silent Night.
Imagen de Telling the time - First skills with Ladybird
Telling the time - First skills with Ladybird
Autor: Clark, Lesley
An informative book that helps children tell the time and understand time words and phrases. You can point to the clocks on each page, say the time and discuss what people are doing at different times of the day.
Imagen de Ponies
Covers a range of subjects including sharks, ponies, space and bugs.
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Imagen de Dont Worry, Henry Puppy
Dont Worry, Henry Puppy
Henry Puppy goes to visit his best friend Bunny whenever he can. But it's a long way. One day, Henry gets lost on the journey. Can he be brave and remember what to do?
Imagen de Ben the Builder
Ben the Builder
Children love to think about what they'll be doing when they grow up. This book includes stories that feature a popular profession set in Story Town. It helps children learn about Ben and his job as a builder.
Imagen de Elves and the Shoemaker, The
Elves and the Shoemaker, The
Once there was a shoemaker and his wife; they were so poor he wondered what would become of them. One night before he went to bed the shoemaker left out his last piece of leather and, the next morning, a beautiful pair of shoes were in its place. A rich lady passed by, saw the shoes and was so (...)
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