Literatura Infantil en Inglés

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Imagen de Angelina'S Christmas
Angelina'S Christmas
Angelina and cousin Henry visit lonely old Mr Bell, the retired village postman, and invite him to Angelina's Christmas show. He comes dressed as Father Christmas and hands out Christmas presents to everyone.
Imagen de Fred The Firefighter
Fred The Firefighter
Each book in this series follows a main character through a working day, with plenty of excitement and drama along the way. Written in conjunction with experts in each field, these books also contain accurate detail to give children a taste of what people really do at work.
Imagen de Don'T Tell Lies, Lucy! a Cautionary Tale
Don'T Tell Lies, Lucy! a Cautionary Tale
Each tale in this series is a simple rhythmic story designed to introduce very young children to the idea of right and wrong. Each central character discovers in an amusing way the penalty of ignoring warnings to behave properly. It helps to teach children about the consequences of their actions.
Imagen de Farmyard Tales Cut-Out Farm
Farmyard Tales Cut-Out Farm
Using only a tube of glue and a pair of scissors or a craft knife, children can transform this book into a model farm. Models of Poppy, Sam, Mrs Boot and Farmer Ted, plus all the favourite farmyard animals, complete the scene.
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