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Imagen de Property Of Rain, The
Property Of Rain, The
Autor: Lambert, Angela
This evocative novel by Angela Lambert is set in India and rural England and is about two young people, from different continents, whose lives become tragically connected.
categorías Literatura Inglesa
Imagen de Coastliners
Autor: Joanne Harris
This is a novel about a hardy island community fighting the encroaching seas. A young woman returns to her home island off the Atlantic coast and tries to stop the decline of her father's fishing village. But her head is turned by the attractive, free-spirited Flynn.
categorías Literatura Inglesa
Imagen de Envoyée spéciale
Envoyée spéciale
Autor: Echenoz, Jean
Constance étant oisive, on va lui trouver de quoi s?occuper.Des bords de Seine aux rives de la mer Jaune, en passant par les fins fonds de la Creuse, rien ne devrait l?empêcher d?accomplir sa mission.Seul problème : le personnel chargé de son encadrement n?est pas toujours très bien organisé.
categorías Literatura Francesa
Imagen de Grobe Gefuhle
Grobe Gefuhle
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Imagen de Of Mice and Men
Of Mice and Men
Autor: Steinbeck, John
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categorías Literatura Inglesa
Imagen de Faithful Ghost and Other Tales, The + Audio MP3
Faithful Ghost and Other Tales, The + Audio MP3
Autor: AA. VV. Autor: AA. VV.
A 'Tall Tale' is a story that's hard to believe, and the five tall tales in this book all tell of ghosts. Some have dark secrets buried in the past, others bring messages for the living. Some are laughable, some are sad, and some are just evil. Sometimes there's a logical explanation for the (...)
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Imagen de Sea Player
Sea Player
Stock: SI
categorías Literatura Inglesa
Imagen de Your five senses Mp3
Your five senses Mp3
Autor: AAVV
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Imagen de Number 11
Number 11
Autor: Coe, Jonathan
Stock: SI
categorías Literatura Inglesa
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