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Imagen de Property Of Rain, The
Property Of Rain, The
Autor: Lambert, Angela
This evocative novel by Angela Lambert is set in India and rural England and is about two young people, from different continents, whose lives become tragically connected.
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Imagen de Coastliners
Autor: Joanne Harris
This is a novel about a hardy island community fighting the encroaching seas. A young woman returns to her home island off the Atlantic coast and tries to stop the decline of her father's fishing village. But her head is turned by the attractive, free-spirited Flynn.
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Imagen de Zadig ou la Destinée "Niveau B2"
Zadig ou la Destinée "Niveau B2"
Autor: Voltaire
«Zadig ou la Destinée» cuenta la historia de Zadig, un filósofo de la antigua Babilonia que vive una revolución moral. El autor no intenta ninguna exactitud histórica pero algunos de los problemas que Zadig enfrenta son referencias poco disfrazadas de problemas sociales y políticos de la propia (...)
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Imagen de Getaway, The
Getaway, The
Autor: Kinney, Jeff
Greg Heffley and his family are getting out of town.With the cold weather and the stress of the approaching holiday season, the Heffleys decide to escape to a tropical island resort for some much-needed rest and relaxation. A few days in paradise should do wonders for Greg and his frazzled (...)
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Imagen de Hallowe'en Party
Hallowe'en Party
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Imagen de Third Girl, The
Third Girl, The
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categorías Literatura Inglesa
Imagen de Camino Island
Camino Island
Autor: Grisham, John
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categorías Literatura Inglesa
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